We are so very lost…

Our constant obsession in seeking visual stimuli has left us bereft and void of our wondrous senses. Our desperate need for visual seduction has numbed our hearts and lulled our souls into dormant slumber.

Our natural and phenomenal ability to feel, touch, hear, taste, smell, sense and relate is now a bygone and forgotten state of being. Truly living and experiencing each moment fully and consciously is disregarded, unnecessary to our daily lives and suspended existence. Preferred by sight, vision and endless distorted imagery, whether still or moving.  We choose deception and illusion over reality. Something impossible and unobtainable to anyone and everyone chasing or admiring it’s false seductions.

When did we choose to relinquish our magical and God-like capabilities of senses and lead merely with our eyes, following a dream, the imaginary perceptions of strangers that we’ll never meet or know?  We are led by unknown visionaries. Oh the irony, blindly led by our own sight!

We are being sold intoxicating lies by insecure, egotistical, greedy, attention seeking narcissists. There is no substance, no experience, no truth, only the promise of self loathing, disappointment and frustration.

Take me home. Take me back to beautifully basic face to face exchanges. Let me experience all of you in your stunning glorious imperfect truths. Let me be flawed, let us rediscover our mutual empathy and sympathetic understanding of each other’s uniqueness. Let us rejoice in our differences and marvel at the endless range of our soul’s fingerprints. Gloriously separate and not alike, similar only by our souls, beating hearts and senses.

No expectations, no ridiculous, unobtainable desires other than purely and fully enjoying the experience of each other’s diversity.

That is beauty! Pure, honest and brilliantly flawed! Perfectly imperfect!

I’ll meet you there!