Beyond proud….and always humble…

A picture of a selection of work our students have worked on.

We are beyond proud, awed and humbled by the vast and incredible achievements our graduates have gained. The main focus and value of a good school are what its graduates have achieved! The proof is in the pudding! The industry has strict training requirements and standards. Do your homework and make sure you’re training provider is giving you these. You can’t work without them! FACT! School of Make-up is THE school that industry’s Make-up Artists and Designers recommend.

Here’s a selection of recent projects worked on by Tutors, graduates and students:

  • Victoria – Jo Tudda
  • Tolkien – Kate Cox
  • Hollyoaks – Meg Clough, Amy Pilkington & Jade Spearing
  • The Voice UK – Terri Grisdale & Caroline Forest
  • Grantchester – Maddy Johnson
  • Doctor Doolittle – Jo Adams
  • Curfew – Darren Longthorne and Steph Elkins
  • Tin Star – Jo Adams
  • Poldark – Jo Adams
  • Peaky Blinders – Lisa Purchase
  • Vogue Magazine – Selena Sherborne & Kiki Zar Bibby
  • Ackley Bridge – Jo Tudda
  • This Morning – Georgia Jade Hope
  • Vera – Lesley Faulkner

A huge thank you to the Makeup teams on Curfew, Peaky Blinders and Ackley Bridge for having our students out on work experience.