Student Success

We often get asked about the success rate of our students, and I always answer with pride……it’s extremely high!

Last Friday evening, a graduate contacted me in desperate need of an assistant on a shoot for five days this week. The person must be proficient in barbering, which is essential for all Make-up Artists working in TV & Film.

I then proceeded to contact suitable graduates, and while it was frustrating, as no one was available as they are all currently working on productions…..I was left feeling immense pride and joy!!!

I did eventually find someone, and once again was left humbled by their commitment! This person has now arranged a holiday in Poland this week to visit family; she rescheduled her flights to do the job!!!!

I am continually amazed, proud, humbled and filled with joy by the achievements, attitudes and professionalism of our graduates!

The following graduates I contacted on Friday:

  • Jess Shelley, filming Bulletproof SKY Drama
  • Jo Tudda, filming Ackley Bridge, Channel 4
  • Gemma Norton, filming a feature about J.S. Lowry
  • Lisa Purchase, resident at Opera North
  • Amy Pilkington, filming Hollyoaks

Finally, Natalia Lienartek, rescheduled her holiday to do the job!

The difference with these girls is that they all have incredible amounts of focus, determination, commitment, respect and humbleness. They didn’t give up on their dreams, even when the going got tough.

We are the school that creates successful graduates with authentic careers with longevity, forged from the incredible attitudes and commitment from our students!

Anyone can call themselves an “MUA”, but it takes a special type of commitment to building a professional career!

Take a look at what our family have worked on…. Student Success

Elaine x