Stop the Press! Elaine is paying more forward!

Our founder and principal Elaine is currently going through a spiritual awakening ? and is on her continued mission to pay it forward!

Whilst interviewing this week for our 2…yes 2, scholarship places, Elaine was left feeling sad and frustrated that she is unable to help more of you.

Elaine is more than the principal and founder, her sole endeavour is to help, motivate and support others and be a continued support throughout your career in the industry.  Once you meet her you’ll absolutely know this to be true!

So whilst Elaine is on giving overdrive #payitforward she has decided to offer a rare £1000 discount on the part time Saturday 50 week combined media course starting 11th March and the full time 20 week combined media course starting March 6th.

Please note places are now very limited and will go quickly as the word spreads of her generosity. The courses won’t run again until later this year.

Sign up now before Elaine turns back into a pumpkin on the 14th February!


20 week combined TV, Film and Fashion Make-up and hair (3 days a week)

£7995 £6995

50 week combined TV, Film and Fashion Make-up and hair (1 day a weekend)

£5995 £4995

Time left to register:

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To qualify for the discount, you must have either registered for the course on the course info page, or signed up before this date.