Sometimes losing is winning

Something extraordinary happened last weekend. We attended an awards ceremony, where we were finalists in the category “Best Training Academy”, which we’ve won before. In fact, we’ve won 5 awards previously, which is wonderful. Winning an award leaves you feeling on top of the world, high as a kite, thrilled beyond compare and to be honest a little bit smug!

But this time we didn’t win and while the initial feeling of disappointment was palpable… was something else entirely that shook me to my core.

This team of incredible people, not all present that evening….are nothing more than magic in living human form.

Everyone who becomes a part of the school, including myself, always says there’s something very, very special here! And it’s true, for a number of reasons, but sometimes it takes loss and struggles to make us realise how extraordinary and rare something is.

From day one, almost 18 years ago the school’s ethos has always been based on authenticity, integrity and care. While people will come and go and some will always place fault and blame for their own lack of responsibility, there is no denying that we have something extraordinary and otherworldly, that no one else has.

Firstly, this team, this fated selection of the most unique, talented, caring, passionate, creative, humble, loyal, dedicated, wonderful and beautiful humans are the best I’ve ever had the honour to work alongside. Their commitment and belief is like my own……unconditional! There are no agendas, no hidden resentments, no undercurrents of negativity. We are simply family! We stand together and will support and care without judgment today, tomorrow……..always!

We’ve been through hardships, each of us has suffered great loss and pain but here we stand, a little bit bruised but together. Always together!

This family support and infrastructure isn’t merely staff based… extends to our students and graduates. We are without doubt here unconditionally to support, advise and help our fledgelings whenever they need us.

This is where my pride of who we are and what we do is our absolute, without question holy grail! And only those who have and do rely on our support can testify and validate this claim. But it’s not necessary……as I know it’s true!

We always refer to the school as family….tutors and students…..we face things together, we don’t judge or place conditions. We’re just in it together. In it for the good and bad times, the winning and the losing. Each as crucial and important as the other.

There is no success without failure, no winning without losing and no future gain without a loss! We’re real! We don’t sugarcoat, it’s not about likes and followers, it’s about realness, real effort, real belief, real respect, real patience, real commitment, real humbleness……..a real serious professional career!

In the last few years, the “MUA” trend has exploded. There are now so many “schools”, “academies”, “studios”, salons and freelance MUAS offering training. Most of these “courses” are 1 or 2 days of a few weeks, claiming “Pro MUA” or “Certified” status!

It breaks the heart of every single working Make-up Artist to see this trend take hold! So many incredibly talented young individuals doing stunning looks, using expensive products, massive skills and time taken for peanuts…….

It is IMPOSSIBLE to buy a quick profession.

As a school, I, and my incredible team have stood firm……we do not and will not offer these short, quick, ridiculous self-titled courses! We WILL NOT compromise or disrespect ourselves, our profession and every other working Make-up Artist out there who has trained as a multi-skilled artist, worked tirelessly as a trainee to become a professional within the industry! Nope, never gonna happen! A skilled profession takes time, varied training, years of work experience and trainee roles before you have the right to title yourself amongst others within a skilled profession! It’s just ignorant and quite frankly rude!!!!!!

And with all that in mind…….is where I looked at this incredible, wonderful team of humans and what we stand for! There is no award we could ever win to be blessed with this! So thank you…..every tutor, every future student and graduate for also believing in something more, authentic and real! Don’t ever stop doing that! We’re all winners with that mindset! xxx