A Brand New You

A brand new you was set up by Elaine Myers-Jones, Vanessa Cowan and Caroline Duncan who all share the same hair loss condition of Alopecia

Female hair loss is widespread. Whether it be a medical condition, hereditary or while receiving chemotherapy. It can happen at any age to anyone and is extremely distressing.  When eyelashes and eyebrows are also lost, it makes a bad situation a whole lot worse.

But nobody needs to suffer alone or in silence as we and others are here to help.

“For me, the worst part was losing my lashes and brows, you look almost alien without these defining features, and I felt I’d completely lost my identity without them, not recognising the person reflected in the mirror”


Elaine, Ness and Caz all lost their hair at different times to varying degrees. Caz has Alopecia Areata, which means she suffers from patches of hair loss, which she’s mostly able to disguise but sometimes needs the help of a hair topper to thicken and conceal any apparent patches.

Elaine and Ness both have Alopecia Totalis which is a complete loss of all head hair.

Elaine has worked as a Makeup Artist in TV, Film & Fashion for 25 years and also runs School of Makeup, a training establishment for others wishing to become Makeup Artist in the same areas.

Elaine lost her hair in 2009, and although she works and applies many wigs and hairpieces in her job, she struggled to find medical wigs suitable for full hair loss, at least ones that were natural looking and affordable.

Ness lost her hair in 2013, and the experience changed her so much that she decided to retrain as a bespoke wig & hair loss expert. Ness now runs her own successful wig company based in Cumbria, offering unbiased, independent advice and custom made wigs services.

Caz lost the majority of her hair at 13 years old and has struggled ever since to cope with the ever-changing hair loss even now at 35 years of age. Caz also works as a Makeup Artist within the media industry.

Through divine intervention, or so we like to think, we were brought together through our shared condition.  A deep, lifelong friendship was formed, and “A Brand New You” was born.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from hair loss for whatever reason please come along to our free of charge workshops.

We will show you how to define eyebrows and eyes when there is non or little present. Teach you all about the different wigs available and the care involved for making the most out of your wig. You can try on a selection of beautiful natural looking wigs and find a brand new you!

The workshops take place at The School of Makeup in South Manchester on a specified evening every 2 months. Between 6-9pm, free of charge.

A wonderful evening of support, understanding, learning and fun!

Elaine, Ness, Caz and other professional Makeup Artists will be there to help you feel amazing!

Please see our list of workshop dates. Just let us know when you’d like to attend and we’ll be waiting with a glass of fizz and a big smile!


  • Tuesday 8th October.  6-9pm