Everyone’s a Critic

Off the back of the comments made on Lady Ga Ga’s tummy at her performance at the Super Bowl, I wanted to put my feelings across on this subject. 

As social media allows all of us to share our opinions with the world, it appears that some people have taken this opportunity to exercise a god-like status and righteousness.

When did everyone become a critic? I thought critics were experts in specific fields.

We’re all guilty of doing this to some degree, myself included. We judge others and their situations daily, based on our own moral codes. When I find myself starting to judge another, I immediately give myself a good talking too. I remind myself that I have no right to judge another human being, I do not walk in their shoes, I am not a greater or more important being than anyone one else, I do not know all the facts, I have unique intellect, and will never be influenced by the opinions/ judgements of others and jump on the bandwagon, I am not God, I have made mistakes (huge ones) and no doubt will continue to make a shit load more before I die, I am flawed and most importantly opinions are NOT facts, they are merely an individuals assumptions, made up of conditional influence, upbringing, education and environment.

In essence, opinions aren’t real, not even to the person dishing them out. During our life spans, we have been influenced and brainwashed beyond recognition of our ourselves and others.

As humans, we all have 3 states of self. The ego, the superego and our ID (who we really are). Most of us have the presence of self to identify which one is fair and non-polluted by outside influences (your gut often tells truths), sadly it seems, many merely don’t have a clue of these different faces of self and muddle all three together, resulting in an infantile delivery of egotistical judgement. Put this together with social media platforms and mayhem explodes in the form of ineloquent verbal diarrhoea and unoriginal statements.

Unfortunately these opinionated critics seem to be under a deep illusion. They seem to think that the world is interested in their muddled, brainwashed opinions. In my irrelevant opinion, I only listen to the opinions of proven experts, those who have huge knowledge bases in the subject matter (both theoretically and practically). Anyone else is unqualified to cast an opinion and is only really talking to themselves.

We all have a right to an opinion, but when we try to enforce it on others, arguing that the other’s are incorrect, then it’s no longer an opinion, but a display of ego.

I was raised (conditioned) to believe that if you don’t have anything productive to say, keep it to yourself and this is something that rings true with my ID, the core of who I am.

We are all gloriously unique beings that all share one common denominator! We’re all just trying to make the best out of this thing called life with the hands we’re dealt.

I kinda feel sorry for those who feel the need to blast another human, whether it be for their appearance, their situation, actions or choices. Personally, I’d never assume authority on any subject (even those I am well versed in), and I’d certainly never assume that the world needs or cares to hear my personal judgement based on my own limited life experiences.

If we only realised that we’re all rowing the same boat and our differences should be something to be learnt from not used as personal attacks to maim and hurt each other. What would be the point in that……war, conflict, injury, all pointless.

We are all family, descendants to each other and apes (possibly bananas too).

Would these opinion critique crusaders say these throwaway comments to their own children or family member, I hope not.

If your opinion is not purposeful, kind, unbiased and intellectual then may I suggest that you shout it to yourself in the mirror, to your biggest fan, your cheerleader, your advocate……yourself. The rest of us don’t really give a **** what you think!

So thank you for reading MY insignificant, non-factual, influenced conditioned opinions on this subject. Strive to be kinder, it makes life easier and much, much more enjoyable x