Student Success

We often get asked about the success rate of our students, and…

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the best makeup course can be daunting, with so many schools, colleges, academies and studios offering "MUA" courses today, it's certainly confusing for any aspiring Make-up Artist. Here's some brutally honest advice to make the right choice.

Everyone's a Critic

Off the back of the comments made on Lady Ga Ga’s tummy at her performance at the Super Bowl, I wanted to put my feelings across on this subject.

The New Wave Trend of the MUA???

It appears that in our culture of multiple choices and quick fix solutions, we have lost the ability to commit. Cheaper and quicker courses appear more desirable than investment and commitment.

Stop the Press! Elaine is paying more forward!

Our founder and principal Elaine is currently going through a spiritual awakening 🙏 and is on her continued mission to pay it forward with huge discounts on our biggest courses.

Who am I?

This week I decided to perform an experiment on myself, and it made me really sad.

Oh make-up, how I love you...

Sometimes make-up can help us feel prettier, sexier and sometimes it can just help us feel normal! It can enhance our features and hide our flaws but most of all, it can make us.....