Combined TV, Film and Fashion Make-up and Hair

14 to 24 weeks – Monday to Wednesday

This is our ‘Ultimate Make-up Artist’ course that will teach you all the skills, not only necessary but now a compulsory requirement to work in TV and Film.  The skills learned will also enable you to work in the Fashion, Advertising and Special Occasion areas of the industry.

There are 3 modules available:

  • 14 weeks: Make-up training only
  • 20 weeks: Make-up, hairstyling, working with wigs and period styles
  • 24 weeks: The 20 week course, plus hair cutting, colouring and barbering for TV and Film

About the course

This course offers intensive training in all skills relevant & essential to professional make-up artistry within the Media Industry. We refer to “Media” encompassing all areas such as Fashion, TV & Film, Music videos, Theatre, Special FX, Advertising, Corporate & Occasion. The content and skills learnt on this course are fully comprehensive and essential, covering all areas, meeting the ever-increasing demands of industry.

All Media Make-up Artists are expected to have comprehensive hairstyling abilities, including period hair styling & wig skills. Hairstyling is often considered to be over 50% of your skill base. Working on period dramas, films, music video & fashion shoots can mostly consist of hairstyling ability, rather than make-up skills alone.

Being a Make-up Artist in TV & Film has never been more desirable than it is today. You MUST make sure you are properly trained and equipped to work in this area of industry.

There are so many places offering short or fast track courses to become Make-up Artists today, it is VITAL that you make sure the course you attend enables you to be multi skilled and recognised by Industry officials.

What you will learn

14 week course

  • Fashion, Occasion and Editorial make-up
  • TV & Film make-up skills and technical knowledge (such as scripts, call sheets, continuity)
  • Cosmetic Airbrushing
  • Period make-up
  • Casualty special effects

20 week course

All the above plus:

  • Wig work
  • Period hairstyling
  • Fashion hair styling

24 week course

All the above plus:

  • Barbering
  • Cutting and colouring hair for TV and Film

Each part of the course is taught by Make-up Artists and Designers that are specialists in that area.  The knowledge and contacts you will gain from each one is priceless.

Next courses dates:

At a glance:

  • Price:

    24 weeks: £8,495

    20 weeks: £7,495

    14 weeks: £5,995

  • What’s included?

    • A professional set of make-up brushes
    • Small starter/practice kit
    • Hair styling kit (20/24 week courses)
  • Class Times:

    Monday to Wednesday

    10:30am to 4:30pm

  • Places left:


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